Monday, July 26, 2010

The Good American

On the way home from church yesterday, my son Andrew was telling me about his class at church. It is fun to see how a little mind works and what details stick out in this memory. Without knowing what the story was ahead of time, it was very hard to know what Bible story had been taught.

His description was as follows: We learned about the man that was beat with a bat and then thrown into a pit. Then the Levi came by and saw that he had blood and said "Oh yuck. He has blood." Then he walked away. Then another guy came by and said, "Oh no, he has blood" and he walked away from the pit. Finally the good American came and helped him. He did this because he was American and he was good.

Of course, the story is supposed to be the Good Samaritan and although he got some of the details wrong, I'm glad that he loves hearing Bible stories and is always excited to share what he has learned with me.

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  1. LOL :D What a great story. I'm definitely careful around anyone with blood! I'm also proud to be an American. Tell Andrew I love him, and that I liked his story. Love you all!